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New Book of Mohan Deep!

A great read for the lovers of Bollywood! (Midday)


What does the press say?

"India's own Kitty Kelly..." Hindustan Times.

"The Sultan of Scandal..." Sunday Midday.

"Mohan Deep has the guts to grab the tigress by the tail...delightfully scandalous narration of Rekha's doomed marriage to a business man is quite readable and fun." Ashok Banker in The Telegraph, Calcutta.

"...Creating a voyeuristic collection of titillating little episodes...The prose is so purple, it would make a bunch of ripe grapes look pale lilac in comparison."
The Hindustan Times, New Delhi.

" Mohan Deep has her life in a no-holds-barred-manner." Asian Age.

"...Eurekha! deserves to be condemned, banned, burnt." Tara Patel in Afternoon Despatch & Courier

"I believe Mohan Deep has not got the credit he deserves as novelist and biographer. His biographies, though unauthorised, are meticulously researched, fair to the subject and extremely readable." Afternoon Despatch & Courier.

"...If you have not yet read Mohan Deep's biography of Rekha, I advise you do so this weekend. It is a Sunset Boulevarde of a book of a person who is arguably the biggest and defintely the most intriguing actress in Bollywood's history." Busybee in Afternoon Despatch & Courier.

"I must say that controversy is Mohan Deep's middle name and to say that he is not controversial is like saying that Laloo Prasad is not funny...But he is also accurate and authentic. I can vouch for the chapter about me. It is 99 percent true!" Shekhar Suman while launching Eurekha!

"Mohan Deep is like a ball of fire. Dynamic. And he is authentic. I have read the chapter which relates to me. Mohan is 100 percent accurate." Mahesh Bhatt, during a symposium on Eurekha!

"EuRekha! Has been vetted by two supreme court lawyers who have declared it defamation free. Checkmate? You Rekha?" India Today.

" ... the enigma lies exposed as her life reflects the complexed, confused meanderings of a sharp and gifted individual." Free Press Journal, Mumbai. 

" An unput-downable if there was one, your own vicarious curiosity for a fascinating film legend spurred by the fluid narration." Savvy, Mumbai.

"With authentication from a wide range of people close to Rekha...Prakash Mehra confirms the longstanding Amitabh-Rekha relationship while a dress designer goes on record to describe Rekha's life and routine, right down to what pictures adorn the actress' walls." Movie Mag International.